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Exmoor Associates are constantly negotiating for more exciting new acquisitions! In order for us to purchase new land, as well as continue to improve and maintain our existing property, we require funding. Our company is a strong believer in maximising the value of its funds. We have agreed that all property we purchase is done so at or near market value. We also endeavour to ensure that all work carried out on our property is done to the highest possible standard, yet at the best prices that we can achieve.

Shareholders of Exmoor Associates should not expect to receive a dividend, as it is our policy that any income is put straight back into further property acquisition or maintenance of existing land. However by becoming a shareholder, you can make a significant contribution towards the long term reinstatement of a railway between Lynton and Barnstaple.

Help us make it happen…

Trackbed Hunnacott
View from the trackbed around Hunnacott, between Bratton and Wistlandpound.

Buying Shares

Buying shares in our company is one way you could be a part and help… Shares can be purchased in Exmoor Associates at £1 each. The minimum share holding is 100 shares, and shareholders can increase their shareholding in increments of 100. There are now two ways you can buy shares in Exmoor Associates:

  • By standing order monthly instalments. Only when the total paid reaches the value of 100 shares will a share certificate be issued.
  • By single one off payment for a minimum of 100 shares

Shareholders are invited to meetings once or twice a year along with trackbed walks, and are also sent copies of our newsletter entitled “Trackbed Trails‘.

Exmoor Associates has in place a shareholders agreement. This agreement must be consented to by any party wishing to buy shares in the company. Shares are issued at the discretion of the company’s directors.

Chelfham Viaduct View
The view from the top of Chelfham Viaduct, looking south up the Stoke Rivers valley.
If you’re interested in buying shares, please contact us where we’ll be pleased to discuss it further and answer any of your questions.

Share our vision? Contact us and get on board!