L&BRT EGM 23/03/24 Results

Thanks to all those of you who were able to take part in the EGM, either in person, or by proxy.

The results announced by Brom Bromwich (L&BR CIC Director) shortly after 6pm at Lynton Town Hall were as follows:

Resolution 1: Removal of Anne Belsey as Trustee

  For Against Abstentions – Result

  645    555    66 – Passed by 53.75% to 46.25% (50% required)

Resolution 2: Removal of Chris Duffell as Trustee

  For Against Abstentions – Result

  645    563    58 – Passed by 53.39% to 46.61% (50% required)

Resolution 3: Adoption of new Articles of Association

  For Against Abstentions – Result

  596    617    51 – Rejected by 50.87% to 49.13% (75% required)

Thus Resolutions 1 and 2 were passed, dismissing Anne and Chris as Trustees, but the replacement of the Articles failed, having not reached the 75% majority required.

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