Tony Brown

It is with great sadness that Exmoor Associates has learned that Tony Brown passed away yesterday. In March, Tony handed over most of his EA responsibilities to others. At that time, EA Chairman Mike Buse had these words to say:

After many years of helping the L&B and for the past twenty years helping Exmoor Associates. Tony Brown has decided to step down from his roles within E A at the end of March to tie in with the end of this financial year. Firstly I need to take you back to when we were looking to open the station at Woody Bay, finding the right people to help us was not easy, but when Tony turned up I knew we had the cream of the crop. Tony was a former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Trustee and also Company Director, he guided us through the many challenges we had, his work rate was amazing, and we achieved a working railway down to Killington Lane, I wonder if we could have done it without him. During this time of setting up the railway at Woody Bay, we always wanted the big picture but realised you could not do anything and it was pointless until you owned the trackbed, so we set up Exmoor Associates. Directors were Tony Brown, Mike Selby, Nik Barrie and myself. Tony needless to say has been looking after us all once again, since 2002 not content with being Exmoor Associates Company Secretary, Membership Secretary, Finance Director, Trackbed Trails Editor, and any other things we can find for him to do. Somebody you would want to have on your side. Finally a message from me. Tony knows I have absolutely relied on him over many many years and I want to say the biggest thank you to him from me and also on behalf of the other Exmoor Associates Directors, Yeo Valley Trust Trustees, Exmoor Associates shareholders, and the many L&B friends he has got to know over the years. Tony, Thank you

Mike Buse

On behalf of all EA shareholders, volunteers and supporters, we offer our heartfelt condolences to Tony’s family.

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