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Thanks are due to Tony (Brown) and Mike (Buse) who have produced an excellent series of maps which detail the L & B between Barnstaple and Wistlandpound …. and which give some idea of ‘who owns what’ ~ as well as the lengths of trackbed still in private hands.

There are 42 numbered ‘blocks’ of trackbed in all; for the sake of clarity, each has been shown with its length in metres – Note! It is not to scale!

Exmoor Associates is (are?) in contact with several owners of private lengths of trackbed, and negotiations continue.

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6 thoughts on “New EA Maps

  1. Wonderful. Easy to understand, showing what has been achieved, and what needs to be accomplished. So simple even my grandson understands what we are striving for.

  2. This style of presentation is really appreciated. I feel I may have missed something though, is there already somewhere in existence, or a plan to ‘map’ in a similar way, the trackbed from Wistlandpound?

  3. Phil,

    Exmoor Associates does not have a similar map for the northern section of the L&B, as we have been asked to concentrate our efforts south of Wistlandpound; I don’t know if the L&BR Trust maintains such a record … I certainly haven’t seen it if they do. Perhaps an email to them might yield results?


  4. An excellent addition to the EA website. In conjunction with the interactive Google Maps, shareholders & contributors have both a handy record of what has been achieved to date, and a shopping list of what remains to be done in the future. Looking forward to those three “mystery” sections turning green.

  5. I am now a very elderly man..but I still follow the progress of what you are trying to achieve with great interest…you will get there in the end.. Just stay with it.

  6. Great looking map, it would be great if this could be extended to all of the line.

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