Bratton Fleming Stn Open Day: Sun 15 May 2022

Remains of the running-in board at Bratton Fleming Station Photo: Andrew Hearn

Exmoor Associates shareholders and their friends are warmly invited to visit Bratton Fleming Station during its Open Day on Sunday 15 May, from 10.00am until 4.00pm.

Thanks to our friendly neighbours in Quarry House, there will be an opportunity during the day to visit the southern half of the station which lies on their property ~ and which includes the former ‘down’ running-in board which sat on the down platform …. until the passing loop was removed, whereupon it was re-sited on the former ‘up’ platform.

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5 thoughts on “Bratton Fleming Stn Open Day: Sun 15 May 2022

  1. Thank you all for arranging another visit to this amazing station . I look forward to the views and opportunity to see the southern half. Very grateful to those opening their gardens to us.

  2. I appreciate that the former running board isn’t on Exmoor Associates’ property, but would the owners of Quarry House allow some sympathetic preservation/restoration of the sign at all?

  3. Mick,

    I can ask the occupants of Quarry House when I see them next – but looking further into the future … when/if we manage to secure their section of trackbed, I imagine the running-in board will be dismantled and moved to stand again in its original position on the (reinstated) down platform. That would be when restoration would take place.


  4. It was great to visit the station, and walk along the trackbed. Some of us noticed that the handrail on the steps at the side of the house seem to have been constructed using parts of the concrete surround from one of the running-in boards. I took a photo if you are interested. Worth checking out when next at the station.

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