“Rusto” update

This is an independent project by some of Exmoor Associates’ shareholders but considering the time the locomotive spent at Lynton Station, it does not seem too inappropriate to give an update on recent developments on these pages.

The volunteers have made rapid progress in stripping down the Ruston diesel as can been seen from the photographs which were taken 24 hours apart, we are told that shot blasting of the chassis is in the not too distant future.

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3 thoughts on ““Rusto” update

  1. That is amazing progress, the loco has been with them for such a short time. With this on top of other recent developments and the changes that have been made to E.A. there is much to look forward to and enjoyment to be had.

  2. When is driver training due to start? I’ll have to leave pass in with the Mrs… In the meantime, this is great news and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result.

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