‘Long Acre’ is no more

Last week we received confirmation from North Devon Council that the formal change of name of the former Bratton Fleming Station (from Long Acre back to Station House) had been completed. Exactly when the previous change of name took place is unclear – certainly, the property was still known as Station House in the 1970s. The Ordnance Survey maps were never updated and continued to show the former name … and so now they are correct once again!

We are grateful to Andrew Naish for organising and funding this name change.

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2 thoughts on “‘Long Acre’ is no more

  1. Curious that the OS maps were not updated! One would imagine that the name change to Long Acre would have been flowed-out to the relevant organisations? Conversely, if the name had never been officially changed, then when the application to change from Long Acre back to Station House was submitted, it would have come to light then that there’s nothing to do except change the sign on the gate!

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