Blackwell Bridge

Here is an interesting photograph of Bridge 16, ‘Blackwell Bridge’. It was taken from the Scout Camp end of the bridge, looking back towards Snapper Halt; it is apparently a gathering of an otter hound pack (date unknown) but, more interestingly, shows the makeup of the inside of the bridge

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3 thoughts on “Blackwell Bridge

  1. Circumstantially, it would seem the photo was taken before the railway opened. The trackbed has not received ballast on its shoulders nor is the brickwork sealed on the bridge parapets. Further , notices about trespass have not been displayed which these respectable and law abiding late Victorians , dogs on leads, would have observed ?

  2. For the sake of controversy, upon enlargement, the masonry appears to me to be eroded and “mossy”, and I seem to remember that the L&B did not exactly “overballast”! . . .

  3. It’s certainly difficult to date on the basis of the clothes sported by these bloodthirsty country gentlemen, but those worn by the women might offer more of a clue. I think it’s somewhere just before to just after the First World War – say 1912-1920.

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