Shareholders funding update.

Dear Shareholders and Supporters,

Thanks to your collective generosity, Exmoor Associates is on a roll! The recent trackbed purchase price has now been reached and Solicitors have been instructed.

Following on so soon after the Bratton station purchase this is a fantastic result and significantly adds to the trackbed owned in the south. The L&B is definitely awakening!

We are very grateful to those of you who are continuing to contribute to our ‘war chest’ as we have further possibilities in our sights…..

Thankyou all for your enthusiasm and belief in the early reinstatement of our lovely railway.

Paul Stileman.

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10 thoughts on “Shareholders funding update.

  1. That is really good news Paul, especially as it has been achieved so soon after the purchase of Bratton Station. Well done everyone, it’s promising to be an exciting year for E.A.

  2. Marvellous result! And so quickly, too. Trebles all round. Are we permitted to know how long the new stretch is?

    The length of trackbed is just over 1/3rd mile and further details will be provided as soon as the paperwork is complete! Thanks for all your kind comments. Paul

  3. During a rubbish start to 2021, you really do bring a bit cheer! Really well done to all involved!!!

  4. Congratulations! It’s turning out to be quite the year for the L&B!

    When you mention further possibilities, does that mean that the letting agents that approached you have hinted at more land that may be coming up this year? If that is the case, is there a particular area in mind?
    Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing more green on the map between Bratton and Chelfham (I know, I’m dreaming)

    As in all these negotiations it really is a case of ‘mum’s the word’ until the delicate negotiations are concluded. Rest assured you will be the first to know!! Paul

  5. It’s lovely to see so much life demonstrated by Exmoor Associates. Does the new stretch of trackbed have a name? How do we refer to it to distinguish it from other parts of EA owned trackbed?

    Yes Jim it does have a name and full details will be forthcoming to help you identify it just as soon as the solicitors conclude the paperwork! Thanks for your kind comments. Paul

  6. I do wish they would issue proper share certificates- a confirmation email is hardly the same thing 🙁

    As most of you will be aware we are currently proposing to convert to a Community Interest Company. If and when that happens (hopefully soon) we will issue new certificates from the CIC equal to the value of shares in EA Ltd.
    Bear with us, we are trying to get some of these issues resolved.

  7. This is wonderful news. Congratulations to all involved. Does EA still have to purchase much of the track-bed between Killington Lane and Blackmoor Gate which would need to be achieved before this next length of line can be re-opened?

    Derek, E.A. concentrates on the trackbed south of Wistlandpound reservoir. The LBRT can update you on the trackbed status in the northern section. Paul

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