Additions to Bratton Fleming Station

King of the valley, by Henry Skinner

Two items of interest have recently been donated to Bratton Fleming Station.

The first is a signed book of poetry, ‘King of the Valley’ by Henry Skinner.

Henry lived in the old station for many years, post-closure; line drawings of the station appear both on the cover and in the centre-spread.

Last year, we were contacted by a Peter Ashcroft of Yelland, who had heard that an attempt to buy the station was being made. He wondered if the book, which he had in his possession, would be of any interest? Peter very kindly donated the book, which will be kept at the station.

The second item is the old station-clock. Tony Nicholson contacted us to say that the L&BR Trust had been given the old Bratton Fleming Station clock, and it was felt appropriate that it should be restored to its former location. After the line closed, the clock ended up at nearby Holywell House (who for a while also owned the former L&B BF Station) – and it was the then owner’s grand-daughter who kindly donated the clock.

The Station Clock

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2 thoughts on “Additions to Bratton Fleming Station

  1. I can’t find a copy of “King of the Valley” online, nor track down a publisher. Is there any way I can obtain a copy?

    Jim, These do sometimes pop up on eBay / Amazon etc … may I suggest that you just keep your eyes peeled? Or perhaps see if Tony Brown will include a ‘Wanted’ advert in a future tracked trails newsletter?

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