New arrival at Snapper

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce the first piece of rolling stock has arrived at Snapper to compliment the section of track that was laid last year and although it still needs a little tlc, it is already looking right at home.

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5 thoughts on “New arrival at Snapper

  1. Hopefully, the Snapper Track Fund will receive strong support. I’m doing my bit, please join me! Perhaps the track can initially be extended to the end of EA’s current land holding in the direction of Barnstaple and a secure shed be built at the end to house any Snapper rolling stock.

  2. When Bratton is in our hands, I hope track through the platform and beyond will follow; the possibility of a linkup with Snapper is then an obvious goal, as is a focus to ge some of the way back to Pilton. What we need is a “Barnstaple Group” of active volunteers, with vision. Unless something like this happens, I’ll have passed away before I can enjoy a trip on the L&B any longer than the few yards which has become a permanent feature at Woody Bay

  3. One has to ask why? The aim of Exmoor Associates is to secure trackbed for the railway. Just like Snapper, Bratton Fleming etc. So, this purchase does not further those aims! With only 150 feet (approx) of rail laid it seems to me to me to be unnecessary. Funds could, in my opinion, have been better spent else where. Extending the track, at this point, only provides a visual satisfaction. Who’s going to maintain that extension, if it is built? Already struggle for volunteers to maintain what is already owned.

    Arthur, let me dispel any misconceptions you might have regarding the wagon and the track at Snapper. The subject came up a few years back at an EA shareholders’ meeting. It was explained to those present that EA funds are solely for aquiring trackbed – and if anyone wished to see track laid, or rolling-stock installed etc, the money for these would have to come from other sources.
    The result was that a couple of very generous members stepped forward to fund the aquisition and delivery of these items. The directors are very grateful to those individuals; it raises the profile of the halt, helps create a proper railway ambience and is a taste of what is to come – a real ‘statement of intent’.
    Please rest assured, none of EA’s trackbed fund was diverted to this project.
    David Cameron

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