Donations towards the purchase of Bratton Fleming Station

Photo: ‘What might be again?’ Grateful thanks to James Bloomfield

Please may we make a plea?

Some of you have been very kind and generous – and have made BACS payments to EA to help with the purchase of Bratton Fleming Station, but have done so without letting us know you have done it.

This means we are unable to thank you, and we do not have your correct full details in order to include you on the memorial plaque ~ assuming we are successful with the purchase: for some, we do not even have a name … just some initials.

If you have made a donation to the Friends of Bratton, please could we ask that you let know, in order that your generosity may be acknowledged?

A sincere thank-you to everyone who has contributed so far.

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6 thoughts on “Donations towards the purchase of Bratton Fleming Station

  1. This is a great opportunity for us to acquire BF Station. Please let all supporters dig deep to raise the rest of the money required asap and convert this dream to reality and secure this gem forever for our railway. As of 5th July 2020 BF Station is back on the market so lets get going, please!

    Thank you for your support, John.
    Hopefully, good news won’t be too far away ….

  2. Could I respectfully request that all the information regarding the possible acquisition of Bratton Fleming station is now put into one place on the website.
    Having 5 or 6 places of reference to look through waters-down the impact somewhat and we are never quite sure what the latest news is.
    Yes, I have donated! and will do so again in response to the call.
    Lets wake the station up again from its sleepeth.

    Hi Pete, First of all, thank you very much for donating to the BF Station purchase. Any real news (ie/ with factual content) will be found here. EA has no control over what the railway’s supporters put on social media.

  3. It seems a pity that the latest news regarding Bratton Fleming station is posted on Facebook. This discriminates against those of us who find Facebook too intrusive and are not into social media. Please may the latest news regarding the station be posted on the Exmoor Associates website. bearing in mind Pete Burns comment?

    Hi Jim,
    The updates on FB are not put there by any EA director; they are put there by a supporter of the railway. Real news will be here first!

  4. I further the plea to stop using Facebook to give updates, I personally am not allowed to use FB, so I am not aware of the latest news of track purchases. I have not yet given money for Bratton Fleming, however I am working on it. Please post on the web site, otherwise why do you need to have a website.

    Hi Simon, The FB updates are made by a supporter and not by any of the directors of EA. Any definite news will be here first.

  5. A quick comment in support of using Facebook. The JustGiving site raised £25,500 towards buying the station, an amount not to be sniffed at! (about 8% of the total.) Publicity to steer people towards this site wouldn’t have worked if we’d relied on email (or postal) addresses. So I used National Preservation, the site, and – yes – the dreaded Facebook! Others kindly added information to the EA and L&BR websites. We got a large number of donations from the Facebook page and, to encourage donors one needs to post news and encouragement often. If you like, one needs to feed the Facebook monster!! David is busy with many things so I wasn’t going to hassle him every day for updates. It’s a pity that some people didn’t like the fact that we posted anywhere other than the EA official channels, but if you want to use social media to fund-raise, that’s the price to pay – if you prefer that we hadn’t used social media then we can give back the £25,000 …! 🙂

  6. Hi Martin,
    Well done to you for your efforts in posting the information on Facebook, and the end result was magnificent. My respectful request earlier on was to try and put the latest information in some sort of chronological order on the EA website – whether by you or others – to keep the general public fairly up to date.
    I, and I suspect many other people, never go near Facebook and have no objection to it, but acknowledge the importance of this social broadcasting. I only learned about the Just Giving page through the link in one of the news items on the EA site, not Facebook. Chronological date order is vital in so many of life’s activities!
    Anyway, very well done again,

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