Winter 2018/Spring 2019 clearance work

Last winter it was decided that we would concentrate efforts up at the Collard bridge section of track bed, in particular the section that runs from Collard bridge towards Skew bridge, here we have worked on clearing the overgrowth, various rubbish that has found its way down onto the track bed from the road and the cutting back of overhanging trees, with the small regular team of 3 or 4 volunteers we have managed to get from Collard bridge through to the other side of the cutting and onto the beginning of the embankment.

Bank clearance at the beginning of the cutting
Track bed clearance back towards Collard bridge
The beginning of clearance into the cutting itself
Looking back through the Collard bridge cutting towards the bridge which is just around the curve
The beginning of clearance from the cutting onto the embankment looking towards Skew bridge

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