Snapper Halt working day, April 1st 2019

It has been asked over the last half dozen or so EA meetings if it would be possible to lay a cosmetic length of track at Snapper Halt, with a specific donation pot having been set up for this project enough funds have been raised to enable us to start the work. Mike Selby has most kindly donated the lengths of rail required and all that is needed now are donations to purchase the sleepers to complete the project and of course, if anyone has a couple of 2ft gauge wagons they don’t need…

Snapper halt at 8am on a chilly but bright April 1st 2019
Luke, our local digger driver, scraping the mud and grass back to the original track bed surface as an eagle eyed Chris Lane looks out for carriage remnants
With the track bed cleared to the length of the platform, volunteer Graham Lee takes a well earned rest
At the end of a rather busy day, Snapper Halt now has a fresh bed of ballast along its platform length
The Halt shelter
The Halt basking in the late afternoon sunlight
Snapper Halt prepared and waiting for its cosmetic length of track

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2 thoughts on “Snapper Halt working day, April 1st 2019

  1. Looking fantastic!!
    How about another short section of track under another prominent place, say at Collard Bridge. That really would make EA more noticed!!

  2. Thank you for your comment Alex. EA is not really about reconstructing the railway, but if shareholders, Trust members and friends of the railway really wanted to see track down at Collard Bridge and were willing to fund it, I am sure a way could be found.

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