Restoration of the Platelayers’ Hut at Snapper Completed

Our stalwart volunteer Andy Hearn has completed the rebuild of the former Platelayers’ Hut at Snapper. Work started clearing and tidying the ground around the derelict remains of the original hut in early June 2015 on work that came to be largely regarded as Andy’s personal project.

Much of the stone used for the rebuild was found laying on the ground around the site of the original derelict building. Shortfall was made up from stone dug out of a nearby embankment, plus a few stones were retrieved from the nearby River Yeo. The stonework was bonded together with a Lime Mortar (NHL) (Natural Hydraulic Lime) mix.

It must be recorded that Andy Hearn was assisted with the restoration particularly towards the project completion by both Chris Lane and Rob Sadd. The EA directors extend their thanks to each of them for their endeavours in reinstating another small part of the L&B Railway.

(1)  The Platelayers’ Hut completed in May 2018 rebuilt by EA volunteers.             Photo: Andy Hearn
(2)  The project commenced in early June 2015 and in this view we see the remains of the original hut following a tidy up of the surrounding ground including removal of the obtrusive vegetation prior to the start of the rebuild.             Photo: Andy Hearn
(3)  Seen here is the original hut still standing reasonably intact in August 1961. Coach No.15 was placed very close to the hut in 1936 where it remained until about a year beforehand, when it was removed by the Ffestiniog Railway and subsequently became their buffet car No.14. Note sign on the hut door proclaiming the hut to be the F.R. Co. Mess Room!             Photo: Ron Fisher


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5 thoughts on “Restoration of the Platelayers’ Hut at Snapper Completed

  1. Andy, Chris and Rob, Well done! Not just for the platelayers’ hut, but for all the other work you all carry out.

  2. An excellent job, and it just goes to show what can be achieved with determination and a little resource. I hope to get to see it for myself in the Autumn. I do wonder though, have you tried out the fireplace and chimney yet? 🙂

  3. yes Martyn we did sort of try the fireplace out,due to having to rebuild the sides of the grate before the roof went on,the lime was still wet so a roaring fire couldn’t be had so we lit some oily paper hoping to get a smokey effect from the chimney but it was a bit of a failure unfortunately

  4. Hi – great restoration – will the door remain as unfinished wood – it was the original painted/creosoted?

  5. Hi Jeremy, the picture was taken May 2018, since then the door has been creosoted. However, last summer the timber dried out considerably and it’s a little ‘gappy’ now. Though it’s felt this adds a bit of character if a little draughty.

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