News Report: March 2018

Not so much a ‘report’, what follows is more of a collection of photo images showing recent views of our station at Snapper. But first, here is a picture of what can be undertaken when the weather permits….

(1) On a sunny Saturday in late February, Andy our regular stalwart was busy with his personal project of re-building the Platelayers Hut at Snapper. Photo: Rob Sadd


But then the Beast from the East descended upon North Devon. This is how Snapper Halt was viewed on Sunday 18th March…..

(2) The entrance to the workshop at Snapper. Photo: Chris Lane


(3) The gate to the platform. Photo: Chris Lane


(4) The view of the Snapper Halt platform from the access footpath. Photo: Chris Lane


(5) View showing the snow covered Snapper Halt platform. Photo: Chris Lane


(6) View towards Barnstaple from the platform. Photo: Chris Lane


(7) View towards Chelfham from the platform. Photo: Chris Lane


(8) Another view of the Snapper Halt platform taken the same day. Photo: Nigel Thompson


(9) The running in board awaiting arrival of future trains. Photo: Nigel Thompson


(10) And finally here is the station shelter, ready to provide passengers with little comfort on a cold winters day. Photo: Nigel Thompson

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One thought on “News Report: March 2018

  1. What a pleasant surprise how its changed since our visit last May. Looking forward to coming again this May to else what else has been changed.
    Congratulations and a big well done to all the volunteers they all deserve a medal for turning out in the snow and for all the hard work they have done so far.
    Keep up the good work.

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