Work Progress: April 2017

In our November 2016 News Report we advised the delivery of four (4) platform seat benches to Chelfham procured from the West Somerset Railway. Two of the benches were for Snapper Halt, the other pair were to purchased for use at Chelfham. We can now report that three (3) of these benches have now been restored to their former glory of SR green, and on Saturday last week two (2) benches were collected from Chelfham and transported to Snapper Halt.

(1)  The pair of repainted platform benches purchased for Snapper Halt pictured inside the old extension at Chelfham. Note the one remaining bench against the rear wall still in GWR colours as procured from the West Somerset Railway for use at the L&BR.      Photo: Barry Marshall
(2)  One of the benches begins its journey to Snapper Halt.      Photo: Barry Marshall
(3)  Andy & John, two stalwart volunteers poise with one of the repainted benches prior to loading into the transit van.      Photo: Barry Marshall.
(4)  And here finally is the third repainted bench which now adorns the ‘down’ platform at Chelfham.      Photo: Barry Marshall.




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