Wistlandpound Trackbed Clearance

Bridge 53

Over two weekends in November and January, volunteers carried out significant trackbed clearance work on the cutting between Wistlandpound bridge 53, and the site of bridge 54 near Bridwick Farm. The work was carried out by the team from the L&B with the agreement of Exmoor Associates, and takes place at the same time as a lease agreement is being put in place for this trackbed – and that at Parracombe, to enable the railway’s future use.

The work carried out by the team has transformed the cutting, and it’s now much easier to visualise a railway on this section of the line. The work was particularly necessary as the trackbed had become heavily waterlogged over many years. With the land drained and the trees cleared, it will allow the trackbed to dry out, and allow new growth and habitats to form on the surrounding banks.

Bridge 54
Bridge 54 looking towards Blackmoor Gate along our trackbed. Photo Graham Bendell.
Bridwick Farm
View along our trackbed at Bridwick Farm. Photo James Bloomfield.
Bridge 53
Water draining away from the cutting under bridge 53. Photo James Bloomfield.
Cutting Clearance
The cutting now cleared approaching Wistlandpound. Photo James Bloomfield.

More photos and detailed reports can be found on the L&B’s website –

Part One
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