Work Progress: December 2016

Our final report for this year includes a warning about what we need to achieve to enable us to purchase more sections of trackbed in 2017, as well as images depicting the recent work undertaken on the platform footpath, and the necessary clearance of yet more debris from the River Yeo.

Saturday 10th December was a misty day but three of our volunteers turned out at Snapper Halt to complete the distribution and levelling of the donated hard core over the path between the public highway and the platform.
2016-12 News-02
And here is the path nearing completion of the work which will allow the surface to be laid with a layer of Quarry Dust Chippings as has been applied to the platform surface.
2016-12 News-03
On Saturday 17th December the task was to clear yet another blockage of fallen vegetation in the River Yeo that had built up at Packhorse Bridge. The debris became trapped during the recent floods.
2016-12 News-04
Rob is seen here taking a closer view of the extent of the job. Most of the debris was removed from the river and placed onto the bank where it will be burnt once it has dried out. The field sandwiched between Snapper Halt platform and the River Yeo was purchased from EA by an EA shareholder and occasional volunteer, so in return our volunteers regularly keep an eye on his land for problems and damage.
2016-12 News-05
This image shows a large heavy branch which we were unable to shift during the work. The branch is jammed between the central support of the bridge and the river bank, and held firmly in place by the flow of water. Removal will require the assistance of either a tractor of a 4-wheeled drive vehicle to pull it free against the flowing water.

The Packhorse Bridge

During the preparation of this News Update, it was realised that we know very little about the history of Packhorse Bridge which crosses the River Yeo at Snapper. We’d really welcome receiving any information about the historical aspects of the bridge.

Please see the ‘Contact Us‘ for options of how we can be contacted.

2016-12 News-06
Tom and Alan Wreford who are EA shareholders and regular visitors to Snapper Halt made a further visit on 10th December, bringing with them a new replacement ‘Wildlife Observation & Visitor Book’ and holder which they kindly fixed inside the platform shelter. The new Visitors Book is a welcome gift, as the previous book provided some years ago when the site was opened to visitors has now been effectively destroyed by the visiting wildlife! We thank Tom and Alan for their kind donation.
Photo credits: Andy Hearn



2017 is likely to be a year of opportunity for Exmoor Associates as we find ourselves on the verge of acquiring more Lynton & Barnstaple Railway sections of trackbed.
We are currently in communication with a number of land owners who all appear to be favourable about selling their sections of L&BR trackbed to us next year. Obviously we can only acquire these sections of land if we have the available funds to do so.
Unfortunatly we do NOT have all the necessary money in place at this time, so it is essential that we ‘top-up’ our funds in preparation for these expected purchases. Can you help us claw back some of this much needed L&BR trackbed?
Please spare a few moments to view the ‘Support Us‘ page, or go to the ‘Contact Us‘ page if you require further information.
Thank you.

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