Another land purchase completed by Exmoor Associates

Exmoor Associates is pleased to announce completion of another land purchase. Announced at our recent Shareholder’s Meeting that the purchase was approaching completion, procurement has now been finalised. The land is at Snapper Halt where it will be a valuable asset providing secure storage, a volunteer messing facility, and off-road parking spaces with associated pedestrian access down to the platform.

2016 Land Purchase
1.  The map shows the purchased strip of land at Snapper Halt which will provide secure storage, messing facilities and additional off-road parking for volunteers and visitors.
2016 Land Purchase 2
2. The timber building measures 18 x 12 feet and will provide secure dry storage for tools and materials. This view is taken from Goodleigh Road looking towards Snapper Halt platform entrance and Chelfham.
2016 Land Purchase - 3
3. With the doors open, the lean-to extension at the rear of the main unit can be seen. The rear extension will be rebuilt to provide volunteer messing facilities.
2016 Land Purchase 4
4. Taken from within the strip of land looking back in the direction towards Barnstaple and the storage unit, the land will provide a safe walkway down to the Snapper Halt platform.
2016 Land Purchase 5
5. And here is the view from the same spot looking towards the Snapper Halt platform entrance and Chelfham. The blue road vehicle beneath the tree foliage is parked in the existing 3-vehicle lay-by now owned by Exmoor Associates.

Purchasing the many pieces of the former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway back together is very hard work, and we only have limited funds with which to do it. There are several sections of trackbed in the pipeline which we may be able to purchase. We need your help to achieve these purchases. If you would like to help us with these future acquisitions, please spare a few moments to view the “Support Us” page on this website.

Photo credits: Andy Hearn

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12 thoughts on “Another land purchase completed by Exmoor Associates

  1. Great, another step on the right track (no pun intended!). Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

  2. Great news keep up the good work we are getting closer to a complete railway one bit at a time.

  3. Our tool shed is four foot square and if it rains we get wet. This purchase is a real bonus for us volunteers. Anyway, picture No2 above looks nothing like that now. Wait until the next update.

  4. What an excellent acquisition.

    As the shed looks much like the one at Pilton, all you need now is a plaque above the door
    With Care

    Steve Randall

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