14th May Shareholders’ Meeting Reminder & Addendum

The post meeting track walk following the forthcoming Shareholders’ Meeting on 14th May (click here for further information) will be in two parts.

Much work has been undertaken at Snapper Halt in recent months so a visit to this section will undoubtedly be of interest so members can experience firsthand the new restorations and improvements at various locations along the section. Whilst we have a large group of people on site together, it is hoped that there will be a number of fit people who would be willing to help by manually moving a couple of large wooden poles a short distance in order that work on a particular project can be completed.

The group will then be invited to retire to Collards Bridge where EA have now procured the adjacent fields on both sides of the bridge. Consequently we are going to ceremonially breakthrough the wall beneath the bridge so that members to pass under the bridge.

2016-05 track walk
Collard Bridge (Bridge 18) showing the block wall beneath

The block wall existed when the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Association was formed in 1979. At that time the space beneath the bridge was used by the farmer as a feed store for his grazing cattle and sheep. Once demolished on the 14th May, this will be the first opportunity for at almost 40 years that anyone will be able to pass beneath the bridge.

And finally, may we once again remind everyone attending the Shareholders Meeting that a buffet lunch will be provided on conclusion of the Shareholders’ Meeting, but PLEASE email Tony Brown know if you would like lunch as we need to know the numbers for catering.



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