New video release “EA – Going the extra mile”

The short teaser video released in November last year has been replaced with an extended 12 minute version showing more of our procured L&BR trackbed captured by a camera on a drone flying over the route. Now includes footage taken at Barnstaple, Chelfham, Parracombe and Killington Lane.

Funded by donations from a few EA shareholders, this video will be updated in the future to include all the trackbed sections of the former L&BR trackbed procurred by Exmoor Associates.

2016-03 EA - Going the extra mile video

See the ‘Exmoor Associates – Going the extra mile’ video here.

The video is produced for us by the Altitude58 Film Company.


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10 thoughts on “New video release “EA – Going the extra mile”

  1. Especially enjoyed the bit as the ‘train’ leaves Snapper …. and you get to see what those sitting in the end observation carriage will enjoy.
    What a trip it will be.
    And how lucky were you with the weather!!

  2. Massive well done to Chris for all his hard work and thank you to those who made this project possible. Some amazing footage of the Yeo Valley though much has changed since filming began. Its going to be really something to one day make the journey by steam (or even a diesel).

  3. Great to see the progress on this worth while project, well done to all the volunteers. Hope to see Jayden the Snapper foreman back on site soon. Excellent aerial footage by Chris too. Keep up the good work.

  4. the film shows off EA’s tireless efforts at procuring redundant trackbed not only here in the south but also the two sections at the mid-way point.
    hopefully NDDC and ENPA will see this and realise how much trackbed is owned by both EA and the railway trust and that the project will be a success if given the planning permission sought by the trust at present,maybe also it will prove to some of the extension objectors that more trackbed than they think is secured for future use.
    And then theres the fact that here in the south,we only need three little pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place and agreement of a small stretch on the trusts ‘Chelfam’ property to give a realistic continuous run of nearly 4 miles from Snapper to bridge 24(Bratton x road bridge)which would include the magnificent Chelfam viaduct.
    Next stop….Bratton fleming!!!!!

  5. Great to see such lovely footage of a beautiful area and see more about how the railway will integrate. Good luck to you all, it’s a great, worthwhile project.

  6. I stand to be corrected, but I have a hunch that the music is ‘Goodbye Old Friend’ ….
    Unless anyone knows different?

  7. The music is by an italian named Segeti title ‘One Republic’s Secrets’. Katherin Jenkins on her album ‘Home Sweet Home’ does a vocal version. I still think who ever picked it to go with the film could not have done better.

  8. Lovely film & stunning piece of music to accompany. Really shows the beauty of the landscape & how much trackbed Exmoor associates has acquired. Well done & keep going. Thanks to all those who volunteer to continue the various projects for Exmoor associates; without them I’m sure that this would not be possible. I have no doubt that further sections of trackbed will be purchased in the future & look forward to seeing these developments & further film updates.

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