Work Progress: November 2015

Regrettably we have to report that due to continual rain in North Devon (at least on those days which our volunteers had elected to work) that not much was undertaken apart from continuing the tidy up at the Snapper Halt site after last month’s working week. However for this month’s work progress report we present some photos of the now completed repairs to our damaged river bank near to Blackwell Bridge (Bridge 16).

2015-11 News-011.  This is where our river bank eroded away due to the change of water flow caused by the fallen debris on the river bed. The repair was made by gathering up many logs from within the river and from the river bank and filling the eroded area with them as shown.

2015-11 News-022.  Here is another view of the timber filling at the eroded area of river bank. The numerous logs which make up the repair create both a natural baffle against the flow of river as well as a large wildlife habitat. All repairs to the riverbed and riverbank conform to the specifications imposed upon us by the UK Environment Agency.

2015-11 News-033.  This picture shows the end of our trackbed at Bridge 16. During the heavy rainfall in 2012, the remaining abutment of the otherwise demolished bridge fell into the river. During our work week in October, the material from the collapse of the broken abutment was scooped out of the river and piled against the end of the track formation to prevent any further damage from the river’s water flow.

2015-11 News-044.  This final image shows the newly repaired river bank from the railway trackbed. It’s exciting to imagine that one day – when the riverbank has recovered and again supports an abundance of growing green vegetation – this could be the view from a train as it steams across Bridge 16 on its journey down the line towards Lynton.

Purchasing the many pieces of the former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway back together is very
hard work, and we only have limited funds with which to do it. If you would like to help us with
future acquisitions, please spare a few moments to view the “Support Us” page on this website.

Photo credits: Andy Hearn.


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