Call for Volunteers for a Work Weekend 24th/25th October

Exmoor Associates invites its shareholders, members of the L&BR Trust and other L&B enthusiasts to participate in an organised 2-day Work Weekend at our Snapper Halt site on 24th & 25th October. The work undertaken on these two days will follow some major tasks which are being undertaken during the week days preceding the weekend. These major works necessitate the use of heavy machinery and hence will be undertaken by professional personnel.

2015-10 Work Weekend - 011.  With your help the light at the end of the tunnel will be a little nearer.



We invite volunteer participation to help complete the following tasks…….

  • ● Undertake Phase 1 of the flood defence/prevention work. This entails the removal of debris from the river to the river bank from where it will be used to protect and repair our river bank. This work must be undertaken in accordance with the ‘Flood Defence Consent’ document issued recently by the Environment Agency. This task will only be undertaken by those who wish to do so providing on the day it is judged to be safe, taking into account weather conditions, water depth, etc.
  • ● Prepare the footpath between the platform and public highway for eventual resurfacing.
  • ● Assist with the installation of new platform furniture.
  • ● Removal of fence posts and stock fencing from the top field to the storage area for future use elsewhere.
  • ● Removal and disposal of debris from the trackbed at the Lynton end of the site and around the Platform area. Debris consists mainly of trees and root balls, etc. Large timber can be cut to suitable lengths of stacking. Lighter branches and vegetation will be burnt.
    Note: Volunteers wishing to remove any cut logs for personal use are invited to do so.
  • ● Grass cutting and vegetation clearance along the trackbed and embankments, and filling holes left by previous work.



Exmoor Associates has a very limited tool box. Anyone wishing to bring their own tools for personnel use may do so, but please ensure you are familiar with its operation and all relevant safety precautions. Your personal items will be used at your own risk.



We suggest you bring suitable wet weather protective clothing, sturdy boots and protective work gloves. Those of you who wish to brave the river should bring a change of clothing and a towel.



2015-10 Work Weekend - 022.  There’s lots to be done however, volunteers should avoid over exerting themselves!

Volunteers are welcome to come with camping equipment to stay overnight on site, but we must ask you to please respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum after 7pm. Alternatively there are several hotels and guest houses relatively nearby.



The site at Snapper Halt will be open from 9.30am on both days.

Off-road car parking is available. Look out for the large entrance on Goodleigh Road towards the northern end of the site. It is our intention to make the gate more visible by erecting some suitable signage.

On arrival you will be directed to the signing-in point in the catering marquee where you will need to sign the attendance sheet and also sign out when leaving at the end of the day.

Tea and coffee will be provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and a light lunch will be provided mid-day. PLEASE email the Volunteer Co-ordinator (see below) if you would like lunch as we need to know the numbers for catering. Also please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or require vegetarian meal options.

Everyone on site should be aware that there may be heavy plant working and/or moving around the site. If the plant is in operation, please stay well clear to prevent injury to yourself and others.



PLEASE spare a moment of your time to let our Volunteer Co-ordinator know which days you will attend, along with your lunch requirements at:
or telephone 07850 471651


Photo credits: Rob Sadd 1, Barry Marshall 2.



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