New trackbed purchase at Loxhore : September 2015

Exmoor Associates is pleased to announce that at the biannual Shareholders’ Meeting at Goodleigh Village Hall on Saturday 26th September we were able to announce the successful purchase of 1,106 yards (50 chains) of trackbed at Loxhore for the eventual phase 3 restoration of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.

The newly acquired trackbed extends from Chelfham Woods where it borders with the trackbed owned by the L&BR CIC at Chelfham and follows the route past Loxhore Cross as far as Bratton Cross Road Bridge (Bridge 24). Regrettably the new EA trackbed is not continuous as it does not include the relatively short section alongside the Quarry Site at Bridge 23 which remains in private ownership. Our newly purchased trackbed continues from the other side of the privately owned section up to Bratton Cross Road Bridge (Bridge 24).

The total area of procured real estate equals 3.08 acres.2015-09 loxhore - 01a

1.  Map showing the extent of the newly purchased trackbed which is indicated in ‘blue’.

2015-09 Loxhore - 022.  View north (towards Bratton Fleming) along the newly acquired trackbed at Chelfham Woods from the boundary with the L&BR CIC trackbed immediately behind the camera.

2015-09 Loxhore - 033.  The final stretch of the wooded trackbed before the route breaks out into open fields.

2015-09 Loxhore - 044.  View along the trackbed towards Bratton Fleming where the scenery breaks out into open countryside.

2015-09 Loxhore - 055.  The view from the trackbed looking down on Loxhore Cross and out into the Loxhore Valley beyond.

2015-09 Loxhore - 066.  This is the end of the EA trackbed at the missing Quarry Bridge (Bridge 23). The photo shows the view from the road looking through what once was  the portal beneath the now demolished bridge which once connected these embankments together. The right hand embankment marks the end of one section of the procured trackbed (see the above map), whilst that on the left is the start of a short section of land still privately owned. Beyond the embankments can be seen the now overgrown wooded area of the old quarry.

2015-09 Loxhore - 077.  On the other side of the privately owned trackbed, the EA trackbed eventually enters this deep cutting on the approach towards Bratton Cross Road Bridge (Bridge 24).


2015-09 Loxhore - 088.  Bratton Cross Road Bridge (Bridge 24) as seen from the trackbed looking through the bridge portal towards Bratton Fleming. Bridge 24 marks the end of our newly acquired trackbed.

2015-09 Loxhore - 099.  For our curious visitors here is the view from above Bratton Cross Road Bridge (Bridge 24) from behind the parapet looking down on the emerging trackbed as it sweeps round a sharp right hand curve towards Bratton Fleming. Please note that the land on this side of the bridge is privately owned.


Purchasing the many pieces of the former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway back together is very hard work, and we only have limited funds with which to do it. If you would like to help us with future acquisitions, please spare a few moments to view the “Support Us” page on this website.

Photo credits: 2 -8 Andy Hearn, 9 Rob Sadd



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5 thoughts on “New trackbed purchase at Loxhore : September 2015

  1. Congratulations Exmoor Associates!

    A great purchase extending an almost continuous group of aquisitions.

    Well done!!

    Ben Ellis

  2. We take our hats off to Mike and the EA team. Well done all!

    A walk along this new section shows the superb views that are to be had.

    Margaret & David

  3. Superb: like a jigsaw, if there are pieces missing now, it just means looking further to acquire them in due time.

  4. Looks like were in real danger of getting a railway!!!!! Well done good people, bit of momentum building up here.

  5. Congratulations to purchasing two sections of trackbed within six weeks of each other. It must have been difficult negotiations with the landowners who purchased the line in 1938. It will take many decades to purchase the remainder, as some sections look strictly private for example around Bratton Flemming station. I hope that volunteers should be soon allowed to tidy and clear these new sections to make a wooded footpath, until the day is ready to relay the line.

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