Appeal for Volunteers and Materials: July 2015

We need to expand the group of volunteers who maintain our expanding portfolio of railway trackbed, and also appeal for donations of various materials to enable us to complete a number of projects.

Exmoor Associates is a ‘not-for-profit’ company with a primary objective of purchasing trackbed for the Phase 3 reinstatement of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. As such the company has only limited funding available for hiring manpower and also purchasing any required materials. Consequently the majority of work has to be undertaken by volunteers and to enable them to continue, we currently also require various materials to complete the planned work.

2015-07 Volunteers & Materials



Whether you are male or female – an active senior citizen – found time on your hands through early retirement – or someone younger, if you can attend regularly, or just occasionally, a warm and friendly welcome awaits you.

• Most work will involve cutting back vegetation growth along the trackbed, embankments and land;

• The clearance of drains, repairs and rebuilding fences;

• Building and maintaining dry stone walling & ditching; and

• Other work as and when required, including restoration and reinstatement of railway artefacts.

Currently most work is being undertaken at our flagship Snapper Halt site on Saturdays, but our Volunteer Coordinator will be pleased to accommodate your availability. Some of the work can be strenuous, but will be adjusted to suit your individual capability. You do NOT need to be a company shareholder to volunteer, but you will need to dress in work clothing appropriate for the task being undertaken. EA does have some tools available for use, but most volunteers do tend to bring their own tools to site.

Our existing volunteers have a (mostly!) excellent sense of humour, and you will come away with a satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done your bit to maintaining our railway trackbed so it remains in a good state repair. Add the fact that we are in beautiful North Devon, with an abundance of wildlife on tap, what more could you ask for!

Exmoor Associates is achieving its primary goal and is slowly procuring sections of trackbed, thus ensuring that they will be available for future railway use. If you would like to assist us maintain the various sections, or should you require any further information, then please email our Volunteer Coordinator at:
or telephone 07850 471651


Request for donated Materials

We are only able to provide the funding for those materials needed to undertake essential maintenance work, and as it is beyond the company’s remit and capability to do so for other projects, such as for example resurfacing the platform and footpath/steps rising up to the public highway above Snapper Halt, and rebuilding the platelayers hut located near to Snapper bringing the existing foundations back to its aesthetic pre-1935 condition.

To enable our volunteers to undertake these desirable additional works will require us to source the following materials:

• Loose or bagged sand (not quarry sand);

• Stone with at least one flat face and predominantly grey in colour (for building work);

• New or partly used bags of cement;

• Lime mortar (hydraulic);

• Cement mix or paddle mix (for concrete);

• Railway sleepers;

• Screws, nails, and large fencing staples;

• Brick, concrete and stone rubble (we seek 500 tonnes total for hard standing for 5 cars);

• 6×6 inch timbers of no less than 3ft in length; and

• Round or half round fence posts.

We would request any organisation or individual who is able to donate any quantity of the above materials to please email our Volunteer Coordinator at:
or telephone 07850 471651

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