Work Progress at Snapper Halt: June 2015

Our enthusiastic volunteer Snapper Halt Gang remains active undertaking the ongoing maintenance and restoration work. Much of their effort is directed at cutting back the vegetation from the trackbed and adjacent embankments and land, but other work is also undertaken from time to time to restore the site as far as possible back to its pre-1935 condition.

2015-06 News-01

1.  A new Information Panel was fitted inside the station shelter during May.

2015-06 News-02

2.  On Saturday 13th June the day was spent replacing the damaged concrete floor inside the shelter. In this image EA shareholder and volunteer Andy Hearn is digging out the old floor.

2015-06 News-03

3.  And here the new floor being laid.

2015-06 News-04

4.  By late afternoon the work was nearing completion.

2015-06 News-05

5.  Much of the work undertaken is clearing and cutting back vegetation. Here Rob (left) and Andy (right) are seen at Bridge 15 during April contemplating the start of this year’s vegetation growing season and in consequence the tasks that lay ahead for the Snapper Halt volunteers.

2015-06 News-06

6.  View across Bridge 15 looking towards Lynton in late May showing the results of the gang’s efforts at cutting back the vegetation. Note the original gate hinge on the left hand side of the bridge. The hinge was unearthed from below the bridge and would have probably been fitted to a farm gate controlling access through the cattle creep’s portal. Note also the steel wires recently fitted to reinstate the bridge’s side rails.

2015-06 News-07

7.  A side view of Bridge 15 showing the newly restored rails.

2015-06 News-08

8.  In early June attention was directed to clearance around the remains of the platelayers cabin. The image shows the last of the remaining obtrusive vegetation being removed.

2015-06 News-09

9.  Once the offending vegetation had been removed together with some of the surrounding ground material, then once again the sun was able to shine on the newly exposed chimney flue for the first time for several years.

2015-06 News-10

10.  And finally a view of the site as it was left on completion of that work on 6th June.

Looking to the future, the platform surface has already been scraped clean of vegetation and now awaits a new surface, as does the passenger access path and steps between the platform and public highway above the station. Also the platelayers cabin awaits a major restoration. It must be noted however that all improvement and restoration tasks which require the purchase of materials will be subject to the availability of donated funds.

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4 thoughts on “Work Progress at Snapper Halt: June 2015

  1. I think a ‘well-done’ to Rob and Andy for their excellent work is in order. It is a real pleasure to read of these improvements to a re-awakening L&B. More please!!

  2. Awesome work, without this kind of effort it won’t happen. If only I lived closer ….

  3. Always so much to do. Well done to Rob and Andy but of course they always need more help. I’m sure there are plenty of L & B R ( & E A ) supporters out there who will be inspired enough to volunteer their time at Snapper………

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