Signs at Snapper

We have now obtained an SR “Trespass” sign identical to the one that was at the Barnstaple end of the platform.


We are looking into the possibility of having a cheap replica made to install on site but will not be putting the original at Snapper whilst it is an isolated and unattended location. The next photo shows the original location at the far end of the platform.


Snapper 017 19-08-1929

Our thanks to Nik Barrie for spotting this at auction and especially to shareholder Ray Potter for collecting it, paying for it and subsequently refusing reimbursement.

Whilst on the subject of signs, Andy Hearn and Barry Marshall have removed the “Snapper” sign which was starting to show signs of severe water ingress, including some impressive white mould.


Barry has volunteered to restore the “Snapper” sign to pristine condition and Andy continues his sterling work in keeping the trackbed clear. Just to prove he’s not always camera shy Barry snapped him at the cattle creep bridge.


Thanks to all our volunteers and shareholders for their continuing support. If you would like to be involved use the “contact us” email form on the web site and we will put you in touch with our volunteer coordinator.

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