Shareholders Meeting & New Name Board

This weekend we held our annual get together and chat event with shareholders, coinciding with the L&B’s Vintage Weekend.

We’ll no doubt have an update about the meeting in our next newsletter in the coming months, however it was a pleasant morning and included a lovely lunch too. Ian from the L&B gave an update at the beginning on progress with railway extension plans. The rest of the meeting was spent talking around a number of familiar subjects, which we’ll go into a little more detail on in our next newsletter.

Afterwards we all headed down to Snapper, where the station name board is back up in place, now properly finished off with a wooden surround. It looks fantastic, and our thanks particularly to David Payne-Hilton for his craft work in preparing it. In addition to seeing this, we also had a trackbed walk along Yeotown’s land, which was an interesting and pleasant diversion.

Some stayed at Snapper over the weekend to continue some work on site. Others returned to Woody Bay, where EA had an information table in the marquee alongside Exmoor Enterprise. Several other volunteers also spent Sunday at Chelfham showing visitors around there too. Below are a few photos from the weekend at Snapper.



Yeotown 2

Snapper 2

Snapper Lamb

Looking towards Chelfham

We’ve posted a couple of other photos in our Gallery too!

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