Snapper Halt Open Weekend

Exmoor Associates will be holding a special open weekend over May 14th & 15th, coinciding with the L&B’s Vintage Weekend at Woody Bay.

The Snapper Halt site will be open on both Saturday & Sunday from 12noon to 5pm. These two days will provide an exciting opportunity to view the recent (and ongoing) restoration and conservation work that has been taking place. We suggest that cars parks in the nearby village of Goodleigh and you can follow the path down to Snapper from the junction with Coombe Close (there will be a small Exmoor Associates sign on the path gate) – EX32 7NJ. The station entrance is a small cream coloured picket gate on the roadside in the middle of Snapper.

Orange Tip Butterfly at Snapper

For anyone unsure, Snapper is a small hamlet on the road to Bratton Fleming between Barnstaple and Chelfham. Exmoor Associates directors and other supporters will be around on site both afternoons and will be pleased to meet any visitors. For anyone who has not been to Snapper (and likely most of those who have), there is a lot hidden there to discover – the site is littered with history and is also an incredible haven for wildlife.

Please come along and say hello over the weekend, and please come to Woody Bay as well, and support their Vintage Weekend. We look forward to seeing you.

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