Chelfham Mill 1960

This week we bring you a series of photos taken around Chelfham Mill c1960. At this time the main building was run as a guesthouse by Mrs Little and Mrs Ogden, and there was a vegetable garden to serve the house.

Chelfham Mill

The Guesthouse

View towards the old station

Old Railings

Playing at the Mill

Mill House Building

The Vegetable Garden

Since 1966, Chelfham Mill has been an independent boys school. The school has been a pioneer in the development of child behavioural and cognitive therapy, and to this day remains an innovative and inspiring school with a caring environment where the students can realise their full educational and social capabilities and become better adjusted individuals to cope successfully with life’s demands.

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6 thoughts on “Chelfham Mill 1960

  1. Hello

    I’m the sister of the boy sitting on the lawn and our mother Mrs Ogden and our grandmother Mrs Little are sitting on the bench. I may even have taken the photo and I am very intrigued where you got them from. Do you have any more as I am collecting any pictures and information about Chelfham Mill and the viaduct etc?

  2. Hi guys I don’t normally do this but I am seeking more information about the water mill itself and any information about it.
    It would be a shame if we were to lose the buildings that make up the mill complex, I am sure that a heritage scheme could work for this site and it could become a heritage engineering site to stop and have a look around.

  3. See the height of the buildings in front of the Viaduct? Now imagine them a storey higher set as they will be on raised foundations to comply with flooding regulations. See also Outline Planning photo collection esp. No 11, buildings against piers. Suggest contact Barry Darrow Plant re application for Graded Listing of Mill. Get permission to visit sight. Be prepared for heart break.

  4. Colin,

    Did you get any info’ on the Mill?
    I’m also very interested in its history but can’t locate any

    I suspect the Millhouse was built circa 1900/1910 but having walked round it yesterday can confirm that it’s a wreck. We have mixed feelings about its future should we acquire it.

    My guess is that the mill itself was very modest, and probably only served to grind cattle feed etc.
    The original, probably Victorian farm buildings, are now buried within the school accommodation block.

    Please feel free to contact me via

    Tony Hobbs

  5. Hi, I am also interested in the history of the mill and if the properties were there before the viaduct was built ? The buildings don’t look really old and I assumed they were built for the railway. I would appreciate any information that anyone might have or pictures.

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