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Any L&B members who can log in to their members’ site may have noticed the tantalising snippet at the end of the latest news post.Like other members who have already commented, we have not been told anything, so we don’t know which bit it refers to either. We do however offer our congratulations to the L&B’s management for this achievement. We are sure this asset will help to further strengthen the whole project, sitting alongside that which is already held securely by EA and also by the various public and statutory bodies.

We look forward to being able to colour in a bit more of the map when it is soon finalised.

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One thought on “L&B Members Site News

  1. Congratulations on acquiring Bratton Fleming Station, another big step in restoring the L&BR in its entirety. As a member who currently lives on the other side of the world, I was delighted to read of your success. I am thinking of returning to the UK when current Covid travel restrictions are lifted. I have lived in Australia for many years, but the smoke from last year’s bush fires adversely affected my health.
    I shall be looking to buy a property in North Devon, but shall need somewhere to live while I am looking around. I should be interested in renting Bratton Fleming Station if is vacant for about 6 months as it is right in the centre of my search area.

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your kind words re: the station purchase. I am sorry to read about your health issues brought about by the dreadful bush-fires. I don’t think we will be able to assist you with accommodation, as Bratton Fleming Station is already being rented out (to another member) as his main residence. If I hear of any property becoming available – especially if it has any L&B trackbed attached to it – I will let you know!
    David Cameron

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