Trackbed Walk & Meetup

On Saturday 23rd October we held an autumn get together and trackbed walk, as had been advertised to all shareholders on page 3 of Trackbed Trails 9 in the summer.

We had a superb day, attended by over 40 supporters. We started with a brief introduction by Mike Buse, and then had a bit of a chat mostly centering around the topic of Snapper. Before starting the trackbed walks, Bill Leadbetter gave a quick update to Exmoor Associates supporters on the developments in the Yeo Valley Trust.

We then split up into two groups. One group visited the package of land currently under offer at Snapper, whilst the other group went to Lancey Brook Viaduct, followed by the cuttings that form David Moore’s section of trackbed at Bratton. Many had never visited any of these sections and found it most interesting and pleasurable.

After the first walk, everyone reassembled for lunch. Jacki and Tony Williams put together a delightful selection of beef rolls, roast potatoes, quiche and salad, followed by apple crumble and cream. Once lunch was over, everyone set out again in the groups, swapping locations.

We would like to thank everyone who came and made it such a great day – clearly the weather didn’t put anyone off! Thank you also to David, and to Leslie for access to their land.

Snapper Trackbed
Bratton Station Bridge
Lancey Brook Viaduct

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