Over half a kilometre of trackbed and a small station…

Following recent negotiations we can now confirm that we have made an offer for Snapper Halt and a considerable length of former trackbed with adjacent fields totalling some thirteen acres. We already have a reasonable bank balance but still require more funds to complete and whilst we all realise these are very difficult times we feel this chance must not be missed. In May, some Exmoor Associates shareholders went for an impromtu walk on the land and there are stunning views over the Yeo valley, something we seem to take for granted these days. Of course Snapper Halt building stands out as the star of the show – still in remarkable condition, but waiting patiently for those that really care to put the wonderful survivor back into full health once more.

This section of trackbed including Snapper Halt was not for sale separately so we are seeking to purchase the complete package. We will then have various options available to us for use of the surplus land. The complete package includes thirteen acres of the river valley, nearly 600 metres of trackbed, one bridge, the station, the entire length of the platform, the waiting shelter, the remains of a platelayers’ hut, and an occupation crossing.

Please think very carefully if you can help with this purchase. With fingers crossed, we could be the owners of yet another piece of trackbed secured for eventual use on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.

Snapper Halt

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6 thoughts on “Over half a kilometre of trackbed and a small station…

  1. I think a ‘well done’ to Mike and the chaps is called for … little by little we’ll get there.

  2. Well done folks! Looking forward to help. Woody is too far out for me. I’ll contact you shortly.

  3. Well done Mike and Co. Little by little we are getting there. Three sections in progress now, two with track.
    Hope you will be able to work up to Chelfham before too long. Christmas greetings to EA!

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