Aims and Objectives Clarified

When Exmoor Associates was established to purchase the trackbed at Collard Bridge back in 2002, the stated aim of the company was to secure the former L&B trackbed for the eventual restoration of the railway between Lynton and Barnstaple. This has never changed and remains the fundamental raison d’être of the company. Our interest is only to see the long term reinstatement of the railway between its two namesakes and Exmoor Associates is, and will remain, solely a land bank for future development of that railway.

Whilst not wishing to appear negative in any way, and indeed hoping that some external funding may become available, Exmoor Associates policy remains based on the premise that the L&B is only likely to get built by gradual expansion and will have to be predominately self-funded. Even under Exmoor Enterprise, the proposed funding is not all expected to be from grants and the chance of success for the project will still be very greatly increased if Exmoor Associates were also to be successful in its objective to secure the trackbed.

Collard Bridge 2003

Hence our current appeal for support to purchase Snapper Halt and the adjacent significant trackbed. Previous support from all of our shareholders has been magnificent and the timing of this current appeal is undoubtedly not great, but we do not have the luxury of choosing the timing of such opportunities. Imagine the boost it will be able to give the whole L&B project, if it can be seen that another station site has been secured. Snapper Halt building is in almost original condition and the platform edges are still largely intact, owning this is a prospect we cannot afford to pass up.

If you can help by purchasing shares, please drop us an email, or get in touch with Mike Buse.

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