Parracombe Land Purchase

Following many months of hard work behind the scenes, we are pleased to be able to announce a very significant piece of news in relation to the future extension of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. We have now completed the last of the formalities and the trackbed through Higher Bodley Farm (the ‘missing link’ of trackbed between Killington Lane and Parracombe Lane) is now owned by Exmoor Associates.

Our agreement with the Rawle family is that they may continue to use, insure and farm the trackbed until such time as the L&B is ready to commence work on that section. This at no cost to Exmoor Associates or the L&B. Once works start, there will be a one year time limit to complete the excavation works and fencing. It has been agreed that it is right and proper that we set a time limit that the various works should take, keeping the disruption to the farm to a minimum. As well as the railway works we will also have to widen two farm gateways, and push back a section of Devon Bank. (formal ENP approval will be required although this has already been informally agreed). These costs to be borne by those carrying out the works, in tandem with railway works during the one year period.

Bodley Farm Trackbed

It is not the intention that Exmoor Associates will carry out this work, only that the land will be held in readiness for when the L&B is able to proceed.

A big thank you to all that have made this possible, not just with financial assistance but the many words of encouragement which you have sent us, it has been greatly appreciated.

We of course would always welcome new supporters to join us, particularly as we have other land purchase negotiations in progress elsewhere along the route.

Parracombe Lane Bridge

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