Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Historic Photos

The Lynton railway is central to the work of Exmoor Associates and so naturally the history of the land and surroundings is of significant interest to the supporters of EA. Below is collected together a selection of photos from across the internet depicting scenes along the old line. These have been sourced from the local community project Explore North Devon which contains collections that are well worth browsing.

Barnstaple Rally

A vehicle rally in Barnstaple, 1930. The railway can be seen behind, with the River Yeo beyond. In the background in Gould’s Yard and Rolle Quay.

Construction navvies

Navvies posing during the construction of the railway circa 1896. The location is somewhere midway along the route as rock cutting can be seen behind.

Mixed train at Woody Bay Station

Here we see a mixed train with an unusual load (pre-1923) at Woody Bay Station, bound for Barnstaple. One wonders what the sheeted load is beyond the engine?

Lew arrives

The railway’s brand new Manning Wardle ‘Lew’ arrives at the railway having just been built. The location is Barnstaple – the civic centre and car park now cover this spot.

Last train

The last train in September 1935. The train is on its way to Lynton, probably photographed here at Chelfham.

Exe shunting

Locomotive ‘Exe’ is seen here, possibly during shunting. The location is probably Lynton station.

Footbridge view

A pretty unusual view of Barnstaple, here seen from the top of the Pilton crossing footbridge over the railway, looking towards the River Yeo and Pilton.

Pilton sheds

The running sheds at Pilton, Barnstaple, seen here not long after the track had been lifted. On the left is the remains of the turntable pit. This is now the site of Pilton car park in Barnstaple.

Barnstaple Fair

With September comes rain, and also the annual fair to Barnstaple… To this day the fair is still held in the same week in Barnstaple, although it is no longer held on the Strand as it used to. This wet 1930s scene shows Barnstaple Town Station and a spare L&B 3rd class coach behind the bustle of the fair stalls.

Double heading into Woody Bay Station

Here is a great 1930s shot with a heavy train being double headed into Woody Bay Station past the home signal on a hot sunny day.

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2 thoughts on “Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Historic Photos

  1. Have today read the West Somerset Free Press and was rather alarmed to see that there has been a refusal to grant planning permission for the work at Woody Bay. These mean spirited and short sighted councillors clearly cannot see what an asset the L&BR is going to be to the area. I hope you manage to get the situation resolved to your satisfaction – more than anything I would love to see the railway back at Lynton.

  2. Alan,

    I’m not sure where you found this information, but I can see no sign of it on the Newspaper’s website. The last application, placed in January this year, was approved in February, and the only outstanding application the L&B has open was posted in March, is at present still awaiting a decision.

    Until the railway approaches Blackmoor Gate, L&B applications are dealt with byExmoor National Park Authority, not local councilors.

    Like you, I, more than anything would love to see the railway back at Lynton.



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