On Thursday 09 May work started on the laying of a length of scenic track in front of the platform at Snapper Halt,by mid afternoon on Sunday 12 May five track panels had been put down resulting in approximately 150 feet of track being layed along nearly the whole of the length of the platform,all that needs doing now is some final levelling and some top ballast to finish.Many thanks and a big well done to all those involved in the work and thank you to all of you who kindly donated towards this project.

And so the task begins,spacing sleepers and getting the rails in place
At the end of a very busy 4 days Snapper Halt finally has track to set the scene
The Halt shelter
Setting the scene,the addition of rail lifts the ambience of Snapper Halt even more
Looking down the line,
The view coming down the Halt path from the road

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  1. Congratulations on this significant achievement. What is the current thinking on the following two queries, please?
    1. When the reinstated L&B railway reaches Snapper, will EA’s efforts be incorporated or replaced?
    2. Will EA’s Track Fund continue to function with the intention of extending the current length of track?

  2. Thank-you Jim,in answer to your questions
    1.It would be nice to think our efforts would be incorporated,we have laid this track as close to original L&B specifications as we are led to believe but it would all depend on who is running the railway at that time and of course,when they eventually get here.The reason we used Jarrah wood sleepers was because they are known for their longevity.
    2.If people wish to continue to donate specifically to the track fund,then as and when funds allow,we will add to what we have already put down,after all,it would be nice to continue around the curve at each end and out of sight so to speak to give the impression of continuity when looking “up or down” the line

  3. What’s a rough estimate for the cost of materials to achieve Item 2 – ie track going out-of-sight in each direction – and what would be the approx length?

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