Work Progress: November 2016

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In this report we focus on the purchase of some ex-Southern Railway platform seat benches, work progress in development of our new workshop/storage facility at Snapper, and cutting back the vegetation along Goodleigh Road during a highway closure.

2016-10 News-01
1. During the summer months, a replica plate for Bridge 16 was manufactured off site….
2016-10 News-02
2. And here is that plate now installed at the end of our trackbed marking the position of the now missing Blackwell Bridge (Bridge 16) where it once crossed over the River Yeo.
2016-10 News-03
3. By mid-September only grass cutting was possible as the SCAG flail mower had failed due to an unserviceable engine.
2016-10 News-04
4. In early October the SCAG flail mower was returned to site after being fitted with a replacement carburetor, and is seen here being wheeled towards the trackbed for testing.
2016-10 News-05
5. On Tuesday 25th October, Goodleigh Road through Snapper was closed to road traffic for highway repairs, so we took advantage of the lack of moving traffic to cut back the vegetation alongside and near to our storage/workshop facility.
2016-10 News-06
6. This will encourage the hedge to thicken up and offer protection from impact should the unthinkable happen.
2016-10 News-08
7. The view from the roof of our workshop towards the Snapper Halt platform.
2016-10 News-09
8. Looking down on some of the cut vegetation awaiting disposal.
2016-10 News-10
9. And finally a view from the highway of the winding Goodleigh Road that passes through Snapper towards Chelfham…….
2016-10 News-11
10. Here is the birds eye view, showing Goodleigh Road towards Chelfham as seen from our workshop roof.
2016-10 News-12
11. On Saturday 29th October, Andy and Chris leveled some hard core which had been donated to us from a nearby road works over the path between the public highway and the platform.
2016-10 News-13
12. New trees have been planted on the bank behind the platform, as have the spring flowering bulbs donated at the last Shareholders Meeting.
2016-10 News-14
13. At Chelfham Station on Sunday 13th November, four (4) ex-Southern Railway platform seat benches were received from the West Somerset Railway. This was a co-ordinated procurement between Exmoor Associates and L&BR Trust (Chelfham) resulting in the provision of two benches for Snapper Halt and two benches for Chelfham.
2016-10 News-15
14. Any remedial repairs along with the painting of the seating to Southern Railway green will be undertaken at Chelfham. When completed, two benches will be taken to Snapper Halt.
2016-10 News-16
15. The seat benches were placed inside the extension accommodation at Chelfham. All appear to be in good condition having been well maintained by the West Somerset Railway.
2016-10 News-17
16. Considerable work has been made to improving our latest acquisition at Snapper. As can be seen in these first images to be published showing the inside of our workshop/storage facility, regular volunteer Chris Lane has almost completed lining the internal walls with plywood panels, and wiring the building for electric power and lighting.
2016-10 News-18
17. The door at the end in this image is an internal door that will eventually lead into a separate mess room. Plans are afoot to install a water supply into the building.

Purchasing the many pieces of the former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway back together is very hard work and we only have limited funds with which to do it. There are several sections of trackbed in the pipeline which we may be able to purchase. We need your help to achieve these purchases. If you would like to help us with these future acquisitions, please spare a few moments to view the “Support Us” page on this website.

Photo credits: Chris Dadson: 13, Chris Lane: 16 & 17, Barry Marshall: 14 & 15, Rob Sadd: 1 to 12

4 thoughts on “Work Progress: November 2016

  1. Jenny & I have made two visits to Snapper & Chelfham and have left an account of our first visit in October with Nigel at Chelfham. It strikes me that there is land enough before and after the hut for car parking at an angle for maybe ten vehicles with a crash barrier at the back! We hope to have a small fundraising present for Snapper in the near future.

  2. Only just found the pleasure to be had from visiting E A site. Since I am too distant (190 miles ) from L & B an annual journey to enjoy the line is my limitation to greater involvement. Keep up the good work.

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